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Currently, there is a need for ethnically diverse individuals and males to register for the adult stem cell donor program. If you do not fit into either of these demographics please consider supporting transplant patients by donating blood or registering to be an organ donor.

For your benefit, we need to ensure that you have a sound understanding of what is involved in stem cell donation before you consent to join the stem cell network.


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Anyone can donate stem cells.
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People on OneMatch can "direct" their donations to a patient of their choice.
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To join OneMatch, you need to provide a sample of your stem cells for testing.
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Everyone who joins OneMatch will have the opportunity to donate stem cells.
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Donating stem cells from your bone marrow involves day surgery performed under anaesthetic.
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Canadian patients sometimes receive stem cells from people in other countries.
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Donors are informed of the identity of the person who will receive their stem cells.
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People are free to withdraw at any time.
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There is no need for people on OneMatch to inform Canadian Blood Services when their contact information changes.
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Donating blood is another way to help transplant patients.
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