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Donors asked to share more to celebrate National Blood Donor Week

Events across the country to recognize donors and inspire more Canadians to donate

Ottawa – Canadian Blood Services is thanking its 420,000 blood donors during National Blood Donor Week from June 8 to 14, and inviting them to share their reasons for rolling up their sleeves to help inspire other Canadians to do the same.

“National Blood Donor Week is a time to celebrate Canadians who have helped save lives through blood donation,” said Mark Donnison, Vice-President of Donor Relations. “This week we are also hoping to welcome new donors to help replenish our blood supply on a regular basis.”

 Additional donations are especially important heading into the summer, a difficult period when many donors are away and not in a position to give. “We also lose 40 per cent of our donor base each year,” said Donnison. “As our most frequent donors are getting older, it’s more important than ever to have new donors join us now and throughout the year.”

Elizabeth Naumovski will be donating blood during National Blood Donor Week and encouraging friends and family members to do the same. She first started donating nine years ago after her mother was diagnosed with stomach cancer and was told she might require blood transfusions to help save her life. Wanting to help, Elizabeth overcame her fear of needles and made an appointment at a local clinic.

“Looking back, I didn’t know how simple it was to donate blood, the donation itself was only five or six minutes” said Elizabeth. “I was able to pay it forward and give someone a precious, lifesaving gift. Now I try to donate regularly.”

Elizabeth shared her story with friends and coworkers, and now donates regularly as part of a group, turning the appointment into a social lunch event. She hopes stories like hers will motivate new donors to make an appointment.

Quick Facts

  • Every year, close to 40 per cent of blood donors stop donating for 12 months or more due to a variety of reasons.
  • Canadian Blood Services needs about 170,000 additional donors per year to maintain the national blood supply.
  • Approximately 52 per cent of Canadians say they, or a family member, have needed blood or blood products for surgery or for medical treatment. Every minute of every day someone in Canada needs blood.

Donors can share their donation story on social media using the hashtag #sharemore. To book an appointment and share more of yourself, download the GiveBlood app or visit