The Miracle of Life

I have always been an advocate for donating blood, having donated blood several times in the past, and encouraging others to do so. Being a universal donor, I recognize the value of my blood and know it helps people in an emergency. I never thought that I would be the one in need.

On April 29th, 2020, after anxiously awaiting the arrival of our second child, my husband and I finally met our son, Jakobe Rowan in the comfort of our home. The pregnancy had been relatively smooth and since I was a low-risk patient, we had chosen to deliver with the assistance of an excellent team of midwives at our home, hoping to avoid the pandemic outbreak at our local hospital. In the moments after his smooth, but grand entrance, a look of concern between the midwives when the placenta was delivered prompted an urgent 911 call. As I began losing blood at an alarming rate, it occurred to me that I might actually die in this moment. My husband held our minutes' old son and watched as I was carried off to the local emergency OR, not knowing when or if he would see me again.

Once I awoke from the anesthetic, I was told that I had lost nearly my entire blood volume, and received 5 units of blood and other blood products while in the OR. The quick actions of the midwives and EMS workers ensured I was able to receive the necessary care from the emergency room staff and OB-GYN, but it was the blood transfusions that I received that truly saved my life.

To every donor, THANK YOU. Please know that you are the reason that people like me are here today; that my children have a mother, my husband has a wife and my family is whole.

Once I am able to, I will continue donating blood, as it is truly in us to give. I am eternally grateful to donors everywhere.


Guelph, Ontario

The Miracle of Life